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Streaming Concert: 'Private Jungle'

Streaming concert and release of Gert-Jan Dreessen's soloproject 'Private Jungle' where he is combining jazz with his new found love of electronics.

In collaboration with La Conserve and the support of the Flemish Government. 

Streaming Concert: 'Dimensions' (suite)

Premiere of a brand new project written and led by jazzdrummer Gert-Jan Dreessen. While living in New York City he got tons of inspiration to write new music and the influences of the city gave him the idea to write his first suite ever.


This Interdisciplinary project called “Dimensions” is about the quest for a cohesion of continuously evolving musical dimensions and a blend between genres and new sounds. For this suite Gert-Jan is able to collaborate with some of Belgian’s finest musicians. A must-see!


I was about to premiere this project at the concerthall of 30CC, Leuven, but unfortunately the concert was cancelled due to covid regulations. Since we were so eager to present this project to you, we decided to record a concertfilm and present with a streaming release concert on Saturday July 31st, 8pm CEST.

With the support of 30CC Leuven and the Flemish Government.